Saturday, June 30, 2007

Head shakin mini rant

Good morning … or afternoon … etc… depending on what part of the planet you live on. May all be well with you today.

It tis the last day of June on my Little Ranch here in Southeastern Wyoming. On this bright summer morn I have to say I am a bit perplexed. Actually it’s one of those moments when you just shake your head in… what would the word be. Certainly not amazement, not disbelief because you’ve seen it so many times before. It’s not disgust although sometimes it borders on that… no single word covers it. It’s a quiet to silent laugh through the nose and a head shake. At the same time a knowing look flashes through the eyes.

Most, if not all, people that actually work for themselves... note I said ACTUALLY WORK… have had this flash across their face at one time or another. It’s usually the result of someone’s naiveté. Or a comment by someone who “says” they want to be in business for themselves. Loves the idea of being in business for themselves. Is usually making no money, can’t figure out why they aren’t making any money. Want’s you to tell them how to make money. Take your time to help them get their business going. Change their financial state, physical state, mental state… whatever.

At the same time, refuses to take any action on their part. Oh let’s not forget… flat refuses to take any responsibility for the state their life/business/marriage/mental state etc is in.

Thus far this is a little rant, but I’m building up steam for a full on honkin rant complete with #$*%^#& … frankly I don’t have the time for it. I’m attacking grooming again today. And will be until I get through it. Those little hairballs need that winter coat off in this heat… so it’s the great hair off campaign.

So to wrap it up. You… Me… each and every one of is responsible for our own lives, business, marriage, mental state, messy house, or poopy drawers you may be sitting in. You don’t like that, tough tookis. It’s that free will thing. Your life your responsibility. You don’t like the way your life, etc. is going. CHANGE IT!

Here is the kicker: It takes effort on your part. Effort to learn, Effort to follow thorough, Effort to change direction when necessary. There is another word for effort… can you guess what it is. Bet you can. Ok… here it is … great mystery solved… it’s a tiny little four letter word. No not whine… Whine has five letters. The great mystery word is… drumroll please…W-O-R-K.

Think about it. What you do is up to you! On the flip side. What you don’t do is up to you! The results are yours so is the choice.

Later tater…

Life is a journey… enjoy the trip… or don’t it’s up to you… Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

Friday, June 29, 2007

News and Notes: Whoo Hoo Summer is Swinging

Summer is in full swing at our little home on the range. Hair is flying everywhere. Whoooo… it’s a hair flurry! In truth I’m grooming out my kennel. My little furry friends put on very heavy coat for winter. They are beautiful dogs when they aren’t in full coat, but when they are they are simply stunning. My main site RobbinsRunRanch: Living The Dream with Our Pomeranians is evolving. Beautiful puppy pictures, and other goodies as well. Come on by for a visit. Click Here:

Back to the actual ranch: I was doing some clean up chores. Disposing of used bedding. I have this big old stock tank that works as a fire ring. Then the ashes are used about the ranch. Anyway I had that fire popping. Not huge, not uncontrollable. My fire ring is right next to a water source. We do not need any range fires out here. Anyway it was just at dark and it was dancing around like liquid flame. So beautiful deep intense orange just flowing over it’s dinner. Lapping it up like a hungry dragon.

Just a thought: Wherever you are, whatever you are doing if you look. You can see beauty.

Be sure to stop by and check out the traffic builders featured this week. Excellent tools. They are featured on my Traffic Exchange Blog.

I have used the one featured this week extensively. It is a good bit of the reason that if you put my name Mary E. Robbins, in either google or yahoo you will find me on the first page. Pomeranians Wyoming, and robbinsrun come up on the first pages referring to my sites as well. Pretty exciting stuff considering 4 months ago I was around 10 to 15 pages back on my name.

Remember your focus determines where you go. When you are driving a car you look where you want to go. Then you take approiate action to get there. Turn the steering wheel, use the brakes, accelerator, etc. It’s the same thing with your business, your life overall actually. Take a moment and think about it.

Life is a journey… enjoy the trip… Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

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