Tuesday, January 08, 2008

News and Notes: Goals and $50,000.00 Weight Challenge

Happy New Year and all that Jazz! Ok the prime holiday season is over. It's been a bit over a month since I've sent out a News and Notes.

December was a good month, all in all. I took some time to work on some kennel paperwork that was demanding my attention. Before you ask no I didn't get it all done. I am still working on it. The plan is to work on it in a structured fashion.

My intent was to talk about working on goals. What it takes to accomplish the goals, or resolutions if you want to call them that. I am going to touch on that a bit. I have four questions for you. That if you follow through and answer them will help to define them and focus your attention.

  1. What is your Dream: specific Things, does it excite you?
  2. What is your Plan to achieve your dream: short term 90 days?
  3. What is your commitment? How much time? How much money?
  4. What are you going to do tomorrow? What are you going to do today?

I've started on my 90 day blitz to reach my dream. I'm officially on day number 2. What's a 90 day blitz? There will be more on that later, no not in this note, next week or on my blogs. Curious? You should be.

What changed my intent? This is simply too good to not tell you about. Especially after the weight gain most folks had over the holiday season. Oh come on, you know what all that food does to your body. Hello fat rolls.

New Vision launched a Weight loss/ Body Change Competition on Jan 3rd. 2008. Yes another one. This one has better prize money than the first one did; although the first one was pretty good. The last one had a $15,000.00 first prize. Which I piddled around and didn’t get entered for.

This one has a (big pause-drum roll please) are you ready for this? A $50,000.00 first prize. Check out my Fitness Fest Blog for all the details.

Yes you can still enter, go for it! They are paying out prizes for the top ten. Pretty toasty prizes, if I say so myself.

Yes you have to use their diet product to be eligible. Duh, what do you suppose the point of the contest is? No whining, you want in the prize money get some product. It tastes pretty good, and I’m losing weight using it.

You will too. That is you will if you follow through. That part is obviously up to you. Here is a link, check it out for yourself.

I’ve made a commitment to myself, and now to everyone that sees my blogs to get rid of some lard this year. I’m using New Vision’s contest and products to help to accomplish this goal.

Hmmm, let’s see, candy bar or $50,000.00 Wow you know the $50,000.00 is wining on that one. Lol.

Oh yeah, be forewarned I posted my start pictures too, yes on Fitness-Fest. Woof there are some fat rolls on that body. Yes it’s my body I’m talking about. I’ll be posting photos half way through the contest, and at the completion of the contest as well. Hey I had to gather up a lot of nerve to post those photos.

The contest runs from Jan 3rd 2008 through June 30th, 2008. Ok I’ll admit it, I’m excited. The prize money gets my adrenaline going, that’s true. Competition does that for me too. Truth be known this is just the ticket to keep me going on my get lean and healthy goals for this year.

It’s a set time frame, with a huge prize pool-that any of us have a realistic chance of getting into. New Vision is paying out prize money for the top ten. Truthfully I’d like that $50,000.00 though. Come on board and give me come competition.

Make sure you read the instructions and do your entry forms.

Blog your progress if you want to. Post your blog name and link in the comments section and I’ll put together a Weight Loss Challenge Fitness Fest Blog Roll. Be pretty cool if we all did that.

Yatta Yatta Yatta… that’s all for now folks…
Life is a journey…lets’s drop some lard along the trail
Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs


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