Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pre-launch and new launch foo-for-all

On a business note. I see pre-launch and brand new launch this that and the other thing all over the place.

Some of these may be great, some may be total crap. Keep in mind that if they are actually new launches or pre-launches. They really do not have a track record. The figures they are throwing around don’t mean much of anything. Yes I’ve gotten caught up in the frenzy before.

Before you add something to your business portfolio ask yourself if this is a program or product you want to represent. Does this program/product/system add to your portfolio or is it a detriment to what you are working for. What is your niche? How does said program/product fit into it. Is it a positive representation of your business.
I work with a variety of programs, and in truth there are some that are going to be trimmed from my portfolio. I’ve been at it with a machete whacking off dead branches, so to speak. Sculpting my online presence. That is an on going process. My business is a growing thing, and like a hedge sometimes it needs trimmed, pruned, watered and fertilized.

I’ve been using Veretekk to help grow my business. Truthfully it’s been extremely useful. I’ve risen in the search engines over the past few months. First I went after my name. Mary E. Robbins, happily I am on the first pages now, in both google and yahoo. I was clear back on page 10 in yahoo and farther back in google. Then I went after robbinsrun, again I’m on the first pages. I am starting after another set of key words now. It’s a learning process. Speaking of which there is very useful training at Veretekk. I am learning seo (search engine optimization) at veretekk. By the way the classes are free to all who are members. Whether you have a free membership or a paid gold membership. Frankly the best way to start is with the free membership, take some time learn your way around then upgrade to gold when you are ready. I have one gold account and several free silver ones that I am optimizing for various projects. What can I say... it works.

Gotta run…
Life is a journey… enjoy the trip… Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

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