Saturday, March 31, 2007

News and Notes: Pet Food Recall

To those of you who found your way here from my news and notes email... Good Job. I goofed when I was putting the hyperlinks ... I would have sent an updated one but can only email from veretekk once a week. Decent system, but that is a draw back. At any rate. Sorry.

Crazy Busy Days…

One of my girls had puppies, I of course
need to take photos and post them along with updated photos of the whole crew.
The Poms are absolutely beautiful. This winter has been a harsh one with
a lot of snow. I’ve actually lost count of the blizzards…
good grief. The dogs have done remarkably well. Better than I have.

We finally dried out, only to have yet
another blizzard. This should be the last one of the season. The snow is
melting, and of course it’s mud mud and more mud. Whine Whine …
Broke my foot a week ago. Dropped a whelping crate on it. I use large 4ft
by 2 ft crates with shredded paper and whelping beds for my girls to have their
puppies in. That way they can have privacy and nurture their babies. I had one
all folded up… and dropped it on my left foot. Didn’t hurt the
crate, but broke my foot.

Fortunately it just cracked the bone. At
least I can’t feel it shifting around. Very colorful bruises and swelling
of course. It’s late and I have more to do with the hairballs…

I wanted to get this Pet Food Recall
warning out.

I’d been unhappy with the feed I was using… Feed I”ve used for a long time. What I thought
was good quality food… actually it used to be very good. I’m
not so happy with it now. I had one pup in particular break out in the nastiest
blisters I’ve ever seen. Changed the feed to HealthyPetNet: Life
Abundance. And the blisters went away.

I’ve been testing the HealthyPetNet: Life Abundance feed for several months, and am impressed with it.

The Pomeranians and the Large Rescue Dogs all love it, and are doing well.
It’s worth taking a look at the feed comparisons if nothing else.
An additional plus. HealthyPetNet’s Pet Food is Safe, Healthy

There Has been a Major Recall on Deadly Contaminated Cat and Dog Food. Many major Brands are Effected.

Don't Risk Killing Your Pet... Find out if your Pet's food is safe.

HealthyPetNet is not Effected By the Recall: Our Food is Safe for Your Precious Pet!

Healthy Pet Net: The Best of the Best

Mary E. Robbins: I'll be happy to help you.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do you really know what’s in your pet’s food?

At HealthyPetNet, we believe that your companion animal deserves the very best. Our veterinarian formulated products include only human-quality ingredients, to ensure the health and well-being of dogs and cats. They contain no wheat, corn, potentially harmful chemical additives, artificial colors or flavors. And our holistic foods are made with an exclusive "fast-cook" process, to lock in natural flavors and nutrition, in order to help build a strong foundation for a long and healthy love for your pet. Choose a food that reflects your love for your companion animal.

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