Sunday, June 03, 2007

News and Notes... what is your focus?

Yes I am still ranting. What about? Branding.

What's that you say. No... not sticking a hot iron on your backside. I'm talking about branding yourself on the internet. If I put your name into a search engine what would come up. Would it be you?

I've been running at warp 9 for days. Taking care of my hairballs, doing client interviews, photographing Pomeranians, uploading pics, and editing. In the process I came through a nasty allergic reaction, and dropped 7 pounds. Could have done without the allergic reaction, and could stand to drop 150 more pounds. It's taken me a long time to come this far in my recovery process after having West Nile then major surgery, infections and the whole bit. It's wonderful to feel my body and mind coming alive and gaining momentum.

What does this have to do with business? It has to do with focus. Where is your focus. Where your focus is is where your life/business goes. My focus was on illness then recovery. Now it's on living and my business.

Where is your focus? What is your primary business. What is your passion?

Ah come on. Keep it clean. You know what I mean.

In my marketing efforts I come across a multitude of websites and adverts. Most are cookie cutter sites, with nothing of the person marketing them apparent at all. Only the original site creator's presence is there.

Meanwhile the person marketing that site is wondering why they aren't gaining any momentum; and are still spending more than they are making.

Something to think about.

Marketing you. Branding you. What is your presence on the Internet? What is your business? Don't know? Ask yourself what your passion is. What do you know about, or what would you like to know about? Is it marketable?

What?! You thought success on the Internet was instant and anonymous. Only in fairytales.

Questions of the Day: Who are you? What is your focus? What does your presence say about you?

Yes I know it's scary to put yourself out there. Look they are only people. Well hmmm... I don't know about that ... I can be a Troll at times... lol... purple hair... green eyes... long yellow fangs... Then the sun comes up and I turn back into myself... lol...

Here is my focus:

Yes I am a real person. This is Who I am. What I'm about. Of course if you would like to know more you can always pick up the phone.
307-788-0202 MST

Absolutely Beautiful Healthy Happy Hairballs... otherwise known as Pomeranians are our Passion. As a dog breeder I have specialized in Pomeranians; and have over 30 years experience.

Our Poms are AKC registered, vaccinated, and microchipped. I have Standard, parti, & exotic coat colors available. Absolutely wonderful dogs... but of course I would think

There are photos of both puppies and their parents on my website.. enjoy

I get pretty backlogged in email so if you do not hear back from me directly, as within a day or so. Pick up the phone and call me after looking over the web site.

I'll be happy to chat with you... and answer any questions you may have. Of course I’ll have a few of my own as well. It is important to me to place my wonderful Poms in loving lifetime homes. The right match between person and Pomeranian is important…. It is a long term commitment for you… but it is a lifetime commitment for the Pomeranian. Wonderful loving creatures that they are they deserve loving lifetime homes.

Do come see us at our happy home on the web. Or if you would like you are welcome to tour our ranch in Wild Wonderful Wyoming and meet our Happy Hairballs "Pomeranians" in person. Of course visits are by appointment.

We do not deal with pet shops, brokers, or labs, for puppy placement. Our Pomeranians are all placed with their adoptive people after we have concluded our interview process.

We support our Pomeranians and Lifestyle with Internet based marketing, search engine optimization, and coaching. We work with a variety of affiliates, projects, programs, and clientele; and would be happy to help you in your work at home efforts.

Life is a Journey...enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs
Feel free to call if you have any questions: 307.788.0202 MST


Entreprenuer en.tre.pre.neur

A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture

One who is willing to live like noone else so that they can LIVE like noone else!