Saturday, September 23, 2006

Today has Been an Educating Experience

Today was an experiement in site design and affiliate marketing. I am a strong proponent of multiple streams of income.

Predator Marketing System is my featured Business. It is a truly excellent opportunity in the work from home arena. Utilizing all the bells and whistles of Veretekk in concert with Predator is a work of art in the Internet Marketing arena. Veretekk offers 20 traffic portals, several of which are profit portals. Most of which you can explore and utilize at the free level of veretekk. Predator Marketing System and Veretekk together drive business to your current businesses, at the same time creating truly excellent income streams. Feel free to explore both systems... be sure to watch the movie in my Predator Marketing System Site ... the graphics are top notch.

The training is top of the line... and the income potential is staggering. $200,000 plus per year is a realistic figure rather than pie in the sky as is with so many programs...

Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Found a Nifty Linking Tool

Good-Morning all you work at home titans... As I was doing my due diligence this morning I came across a nifty linking tool...
Free to get started... of course you can upgrade... for a nominal fee... I more than likely am upgrading... right now I'm snoodling about in it seeing all it's bells and whistles... and playing with a few... I do love playing with bells and whistles... especially when they are promoting my websites. It's all about SEO now isn't it... more exposure means a better bottom line... while we are seeking that better bottom line... don't forget to check out The Predator Marketing System it's simply too good to miss...

Life is a journey...enjoy the trip...Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs (Poms)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Work From Home...

Exciting news on the Work from home front... The Predator Marketing System
launched September 1st 2006 and is a shooting star. Lighting up the work from home territory. In my opinion outshining the likes of PAS, Prosperity Automated Systems,Emerald Passport,Liberty League,and Coastal Vacations. All of the aforementioned programs have much to offer... so to outshine them Predator Marketing System has much to offer, and top notch training to go along with it...

Stay Tuned for continuing commentary... at The Business End!

Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

Monday, September 18, 2006

Predator 6 Step System to Success

Yes Predator really works

Looks good on paper… and has the added bonus of being the real thing…

With the training that comes with Predator Marketing System… you can learn to market anything you want… learn branding, build credibility in your chosen market, seo-how to rank at the top of the search engines rather than be lost in oblivion.

Increase traffic to whatever business/website you have and have additional income streams building at the same time. The training is done online in conference rooms… and can be recorded. So even with the differences in time zones you will be able to access it.

I love it that I can record it on my computer, if I am interrupted I can simply … attend to whatever is interrupting me and get back into the training without missing out on information that I need. The training alone, is worth more than the platinum price.

By the way… on the sales end, there are Professional Closers closing your system sales for you. This service is included in the price.

The only additional cost is The State of the Art Lead Generation and marketing technology we use. It is the fuel that drives the Predator engine. It runs $41.95 a month, and generates yet another stream of income. Which will cover it’s cost and keep on growing in a very short amount of time if you follow-through with what you learn in the training.

So… do I think it’s real… yes very much so… check that, I know it’s real it’s working quite well for me. I have more than covered the price in savings due to my increased skill level. My business is benefiting across the board… internet based as well as stickbuilt. It’s a very good feeling to watch that bottom line these days. I tend to like the look of black ink rather than red on my financial statments.... lol ... I know that you know what I mean…

Predator is the Total Package... Top Quality Product... complete Training... Excellent Support...

Internet Based Business at it's finest... rivaling ... and surpassing in my opinion ... the top internet income earners out there.
Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Happy Hairballs

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Good morning... wow...where do I start...

Good Morning... Bright and early... Well early been up for quite a while already... It's official... it's Autumn... my favorite season... I love the color change in the trees... the easing of the oppressive heat of summer... turning into the crisp days of autumn... we've had a couple of rains... so the pastures are greening again... the cattle have been able to stay on our pasture all summer into autumn this year... this is the first time that's been able to be done since we bought this place in 2003.The happy hairballs (poms) are in their last shed of the season... before they start packing on heavy coats for winter... they are enjoying the warm days and cool evenings as well... it's fun to watch them tear the straw bales apart that are put in their houses... each house gets a bale at a time... gives a nice deep layer of bedding... their houses are 4ft by 7ft... need to replace some vinyl door stripping... Had an electrician out to give an estimate for wiring... it will be soooooooo nice to have heated waters in the exercise pens... overhead lights... etc...On the Internet business end... The Predator Marketing System is really popping... and it's pulling the rest of my business portfolio right along with it... Yes I'm doing a happy and grinning from ear to ear... If at all possible... jump on board... because this baby is moving out... building momentum...and picking up speed... It's going to be a wonderful ride... It doesn't matter whether you know what to do or not... because... the training provided is top notch... step by step training... you get into the training ... which is included at no additional cost I might add... and you will have the practical knowledge and skill to market anything you choose... and be successful at it... none of this... I have this wonderful business, product or idea... now what do I do... you'll know what to do... and have the skills to make it happen...Ok...yes I'm excited... just a little run... my happy hairballs need their morning attention...Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Happy Hairballs307-788-0202 skype robbinsrun (Pomeranian Site) (Predator Marketing System)By the way... if you email me and I don't get back with you promptly... pick up the phone and dial it... between my Pomeranians and Predator... I'm not ignoring you just crazy busy... so ...hello... just keep at it till you get me...Life is for living...not simply existing...Mary E. Robbins


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