Wednesday, January 10, 2007

News and Notes: This Year Is Starting Off With a Bang

Hello hello hello.

Today is the first issue of News and Notes for the New Year...Wow... 2007!

This year is starting off with a bang. I am working towards personal and professional goals.

Make a plan and work your plan. Each of our businesses are different, because each of us is different. Be selective about what you represent. Remember what you represent reflects on your integrity.

I've given a blurb on some of what I'm working with this year. 2007 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. There is a book on my calendar as well; although I'm not sure when it will be completed. I haven't set my completion date at this point.

One day one step at a time... weight loss is a primary goal. I found an excellent program. No pills, no diets, no workouts required... he he he... guess you'll just have to take a look to see what it is. I can personally vouch for it's effectiveness. I've lost 3 pounds so far this year, using the Natural Mind Weight Loss System.

That's pretty exciting to me. During my long period of illness I packed on way too many pounds of fat. I am truly looking forward to not carrying that lard around any more. I haven't put them up yet but there will be photos on my Fitness Fest Blog.

In addition to the photos, my journey into physical fitness, weightloss and conditioning etc will be doccumented on my Fitness Fest Blog.

An excellent no cost business is out there too... The Webmaster Project. It's rocking and rolling with a very viable product.

What Is The Web-Master Project?
It's a high-tech way for YOU to collect $50,000 per month With NO INVESTMENT WHATSOEVER- If you can reliably switch on a computer.

The Ultimate Online System:
You owe it to yourself to watch and listen to the presentation.
Personal Coaching and evaluation. Want to make you and your business the best it can be. The Ultimate Online System: watch the video and take advantage of the free gift. Then ask yourself ... do you want to take your personal and professional life to the next level...

New Vision Nutrition Program Plus: I use this and strongly recommend it. As you are forging onward in this wonderful new year don't forget to take care of your Nutritional Needs. “Here's my recommendation for great health: follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, hydrate yourself and supplement with multivitamins, minerals and absorbable antioxidants. Excellent product reputable company! I love it that my vitamins and minerals are delivered to my door, rather than having to wade through the crowds at the stores.

Here are a couple of Business Builders for you to use to increase your website traffic. I use this one at the gold level, however there is a no cost silver level that comes with some excellent training for internet business. I'll soon be teaching a class there as well. This comes with 20 plus portals all of which you can use to increase your website traffic. Sign up for a silver system and ask me? I'll personally show you how. Veretekk Silver System.

I also use Traffic Exchanges. One of my favorites is Traffic Swarm. I use it to generate website traffic and to test ad response. It has been very effective for me. Traffic Swarm is one of the traffic exchanges recommended by Ultimate Rep. There is an extensive list of traffic exchanges and income generating tools, available in the members area. Click Here to go to my site and join. There is no cost. Then take your time and look around the system. I've found it to be very useful and I believe you will too.

The Ultimate Rep has much to offer in the area of traffic generation, as well as income generation. There is no cost to sign up. Go to my site and join. Then take your time and look around the system.

The Objective of Joining Ultimate Rep
As the net has expanded, it has become increasingly difficult to make a good living without wandering down any number of blind alleys and generally being conned. This leads to frustration, lack of effort and consequently poor earnings.

The Aim of Ultimate Rep is to keep our members informed of genuine, tried and tested methods of making money, and to provide step by step methods to succeed with those opportunities. Above all we want our members to succeed and make money.

Please understand that with all ventures you must make an effort to succeed. You cannot just lie back and assume the money will flow like honey. The opportunities and methods presented at UltimateRep are designed to make earning a living on the net, not only effective, but with the least amount of sweat.

Remember the net is a living breathing thing and opportunities come and go. You have to be an active rep to succeed. Become an UltimateRep and make full use of our community efforts to win big on the net.

Robbins Run Ranch has some wonderful new Puppies along with some Teenagers and Young Adult Pomeranians available, to loving lifetime homes. You can see their happy hairball faces at our home on the web. Robbins Run Ranch, be sure to check back often as we are adding new material on a regular basis.

One of the New things we have added is a Strong Recommendation for Life Abundance Dog Food . We have switched our Happy Hairballs... alias Pomeranians over to this feed and they are doing great. Our Large Breed rescues are doing great on this feed as well.
Healthy Pet Net/Trilogy also makes some wonderful cat food, for you cat people out there. Yes I have cats too. They are my mobile mousetraps since I live out on a ranch. For the job they have to do they need a good nutritional foundation. Another of Healthy Pet Net/Trilogy's products are pet safe cleaning products. If you love your pets you do not want to clean with something that is toxic to them. That is something to consider if there are small children in the house as well. You can find these wonderful products through my Robbins Run Ranch website, just look for the Life Abundance or Healthy Pet Net/Trilogy links. They are very easy to find. Of course I love the fact that all their products are delivered directly to my front door.

Ok I got excited and wrote a rather lengthy News and Notes.

Remember... Bottom Line... What You Do ...Is Up To You!

Life is a journey... Enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs
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