Thursday, August 30, 2007

News and Notes: Exciting Times on the High Plains

Good Morning, afternoon, evening, whichever it may be in your corner of the world.

Lots of fun stuff happening at our Home on the Range. The happy hairballs are doing great. Beautiful Puppies out playing in the yards. It is such a pleasure to watch them jump run and tumble with each I am determined! I will be taking photos over the next week and updating my main site. RobbinsRunRanch: Living the Dream. I've been working on some pretty nifty projects for that site. Some raffles, and drawings and other fun things. Not done yet but in the works.

My training program is going well, dropped some more weight, and some more inches. I have to admit that always makes me smile. I had a little bobble, as in a bounce in weight. However, I've lost that and some more besides. Yay! I've been recording my progress and such on my Fitness Fest Blog. All are welcome. I am looking for some walking partners. Being in the same location is not a requirement. We can communicate over yahoo messenger, phone, or the blogs. My yahoo messenger id is robbinsrun, when you request to be added to my contact list give me a bit of an introduction so I have a clue what's it's about.

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Best Regards,

Life is a journey,
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