Saturday, May 19, 2007

News and Notes... Up Before Dawn...

Ok so my computer is puttzing around… actually it’s just taking a while for my Freeffa Site from Veretekk to load because of the number of leads in there.

I was up before dawn stuck it’s rosy nose over the horizion. Tongue in cheek sarcastic this morning as well… in truth my attitude is more like up before the butt crack of dawn this morning.

Awwwww…. First sip of hot black strong coffee… I should have brewed that coffee sooner… Actually life’s not so bad… I woke up at 3:30 this morning. Forget going back to bed… as tired as I may be my mind is whirring all over the place. Forget sleeping when that’s going on. Ping… bounced off that wall… ping… there we go off the other wall… mind only … the body is like …. Oh please… get a grip… meanwhile I’m in here going… will you 2 just work together… geez… then the project crowd starts in… me first… no me first… but you know you wanted this done yesterday… gets kind of noisy in here… kind of… yeah right… like a football stadium on super bowl Sunday. Leads have loaded… pretty cool… around 9000 in there today.

Just heard a meadowlark sing. Love that sound… beautiful… I don’t know which birds they were… but some were trilling about when I first got up at 3:30 a.m. … the roosters were crowing too… that always makes me smile even if I am crabbier than a pissed off camel on acid.
Coffee is kicking in and the clamor is quieting down. In truth it’s been a busy productive week. Frankly it won’t be slowing down this weekend.

Must blast out the door before it heats up... mama dogs to let run... boarding dogs to exercise... photos to edit... there are some useful posts and tools on my blogs... I'll be uploading Pomeranian pics on my main site and The Arfing News later today... Have a great week... links for the tools mentioned above on my blogs as well...

Life is a journey... enjoy the trip... Mary E. Robbins & the

The Skills I've gained from this system have resulted in a dramatic traffic increase on my main site
Robbins Run not to mention climbing in the search engine lisitngs... pretty cool...

Freeffas ... this wonderful tool is a continual source of leads ... yes I use it... it works...

That's all for now folks... feel free to look around...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Who Do You Work For? Who Are You?

Wow it’s already May 18th. Part of my daily routine is to check ads, upload the leads my Veretekk System has generated and post to my blogs. As well as kennel care, editing photos, doing interviews for puppy placements, and so on.
I’ve noticed so many ads are exactly the same. I see this in the Free Advertising Blog I use as well as throughout the other ad systems I use.

I have one main question for you.

Who are you working for?

Are you working for the various mlm or affiliate programs you are selling, or are you working for yourself? Who are you? Why should I buy from you?

I am not saying to not use splash pages or banners. I use them both. Of course I do.

Another burning question. Where is your webpage, your blog? Why aren’t your links in those ads. Are these programs that you are recommending, or are you simply a member of that company’s sales crew? Something to think about. Brand yourself! No not with a hot iron.

Brand yourself on the internet. Yes it takes work. Yes you may have to develop some additional skills. I wasn’t born with internet skills… yet mine are developing. I’ve been using Veretekk for a good bit of training. It’s been extremely useful to me. They have excellent online training which you have access to with the free
Silver Veretekk System. It’s definitely worth the effort. If you have any questions feel free to call me.

Life is a journey… enjoy the trip… Mary E. Robbins & the
307-788-0202 MST

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's a Rant

Good Morning all you Work At Home Titans…

It’s a bit of a rant for me today. I was happily doing a bit of marketing this morning… (Putting off massive photo editing and basic Ranch chores.) When I came across this advert. We are in pre launch now… then it goes on to say: Miss Money Pooch made over $3000.00 in 8 hours. You can too… slight paraphrase.

Hello People it’s in PRE LAUNCH! … PRE LAUNCH! … Get It… Pre means before launch… it hasn’t launched yet. Now maybe I’m na├»ve. But how exactly do they have a track record of profits for you if they “haven’t launched their product…system…whatever… as of yet?!”

Hey maybe they are test marketing it…. Gee you suppose… trying to generate momentum… the creators are making their $$$ in the pre launch and just launched time periods… maybe their… product… program… whatever will be around in a year or 2 … and you’ll actually be making some money… and maybe in a year or 2 or a month or 2 …their pockets will be fuller and yours will be lighter… and they’ll be off to their next pre launch project.

I’m not saying to not do anything new… I am saying do your due diligence… do some research… hello engage your brain before you open your wallet!

Ok yes I have stepped in to some major steaming piles of #&&@* … gotten caught up in the rhetoric and lightened my bank account.

You want to do business on the web… yes I said business… not scam thy neighbor. Then do your due diligence. Check it out. Decide what you want to do. What is your focus. Yes you can work with more than one project at a time. However… did you notice that little 4 letter word. Starts with a W? WORK, yup that’s the word.
Just a thought or two on this bright sunny morning in Wild Wonderful Wyoming.

Life is a journey… there are rocks on the trail… step over them… Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs


Entreprenuer en.tre.pre.neur

A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture

One who is willing to live like noone else so that they can LIVE like noone else!